Exclusive lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) imported from southern France.


With incredible natural organic oils which are highly anti-oxidant such as Rosehip and Jojoba oil. Skin soothing and rejuvenating. Also contains sweet almond oil and sesame oil.


Highest French grade of pure Lavender essential oil, Jojoba Oil , rosehip oil and Vit E.  Alcohol Free. 0.35 oz/10ml (Roll On) Free carrying pouch!


French Lavender essential oil (High altitude French Lavandula angustifolia) steam distilled 100% pure essential oil. Available sizes:  1oz; 1.7 oz ; 4oz; 16oz and 32oz.


Our lotion has a rich antioxidant effect as we add Vitamin E, Vitamin C DMAE AND NOW CoQ10! We also have MARINE COLLAGEN  from seaweed for elasticity. We use serious nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba oil . This lotion is mineral oil, paraben and cruelty free! Great to improve all skin types. Lavender balances oil production on the skin.  Available in 8 oz.


Refreshing, firming and antioxidant using the highest grade Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Use while exercising or before or after make-up to keep your skin clean. With hyaluronic acid (moisture retainer). Available in 4 oz.


Good for all skin types. Lavender oil is known to balance oil production on the skin. Mild yet effective cleanser! One pump for the whole face and neck area. This bottle goes a long way! Great for the whole family! Size 3.4oz


Peppermint Lavender Soothing Foot Cream. Peppermint is known to help circulation , cool and soothe aching feet. Helps with excess perspiration and foot odor too!


New! Our incredible anti-oxidant Whipped Body butter! With Shea butter, vitamin c, e and CoQ10 as well as base oils such as Rosehip and Jojoba which contain skin soothing properties and vitamins. Seaweed collagen helps improve the skin’s overall elasticity. 9oz  – $30

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Intensive treatment. Use twice a day for 2 days for incredible results! Apply cream and wait 2min as the cold pressed oils and butters are totally absorbed and your hands deeply moisturized and balanced with Lavender oil.


A truly relaxing experience! Using the highest grade Lavender essential oil, this European formula is kind to your skin. Available in 16 oz.


Made with our signature pure French Lavender essential oil and 100 % soy wax. 100% Cotton wick and Made in California. 10oz


Relaxing all natural mist made with 100% pure. French lavender essential oil. Spray your Linens, home, carpets, sofas, car or office! Paraben free. Size 8oz


Enjoy a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Home Spa Treatment! Sugar and salt scrub with cleanser. No need to wash off just rinse off in the shower. Fast and easy to use! Great resulst! Available in 12 oz.