Spa Dog

– Spa Dog

The best ingredients for those who love us most!


Dog Perfume All natural formula with ph balance for a dog's coat. Alcohol free! Flower blend of natural essential oils. 4oz


Helps relieve and prevent skin and coat problems and is also an effective insect repellent. ph balanced for a dog's coat and skin. 8oz & 16oz


Argan oil has anti-oxidants and vitamins which improves coat appearance. With lavender essential oil too! Ph balanced for dog's coat and skin. Size 8oz


Spray on your smelly dog's coat and bedding! Use to detangle long hair and keep it looking shiny and clean! Available in 8 oz.


Free of harsh chemicals. Spa dog insect repellent is DEET - free and made with only natural essential oils derived from herbs, plants and flowers. Available in 4 oz.