Fleurs de France’s mission is to provide our customers with luxury  highest grade pure French Lavender essential oil and products.  We are committed to beautiful skin using effective high performance natural and proven by science extracts, bases and vitamins for creating incredible healthy skin and body care products. We are dedicated to protect the planet and all its inhabitants and do not use any raw materials or essential oils threatened by deforestation or any other limited or threatened resources. We are cruelty free. Made in USA

Joanne Arpin
Creator and founder of Fleurs de France

My mother Helene Paquette-Arpin would not allow me to wear make-up. She always insisted that I use good creams on my skin. She would always say, “No amount of money spent on clothes will make you feel beautiful and confident like having beautiful soft skin all over!”

A fan of lavender oil, she used it on scrapes, cuts and burns as we were growing up.

My son as a baby had peeling skin on his feet. After a week I went to the doctor who prescribed a cortisone cream.

Refusing to use cortisone for a child, I called my mother and she immediately sent me French lavender oil which I mixed in a cream and applied to his tiny feet. In 2 days his skin was back to normal. That’s when I understood the value of this essential oil and decided to make cosmetics. My mother was my greatest inspiration for creating this company!

Welcome to our products and our team! We have a mix of young and older people passionate to make the best products with therapeutic grade essential oils and the latest and most effective natural active ingredients.The most famous French Chef Paul Bocuse (known for nouvelle cuisine and his world famous restaurants) stressed the importance of ” fresh ingredients of the highest quality.” In the French tradition, we believe that sourcing the best ingredients is  what makes great effective cosmetics. Our goal is to provide healthy alternatives in a sea of misleading, confusing, harsh and mostly a Petro chemical based cosmetic industry.

Our Team!

Elena Eyzenberg

Elena is a certified health Coach who has been crazy passionate about health for the past 15 years. She works in product development. The most beautiful 46 year old woman, in LA without make-up! Really!!!

Victor is our PHD chemist. Although, he likes to remain in the background. He is a very loud outspoken professional with over 30 years experience in the industry. He is absolutely committed to revolutionizing the industry with healthy alternatives. He uses raw materials from proven natural ingredients. He makes it happen!

Elisabeth Lussier-Arpin

Elisabeth is my niece. A natural PR girl speaking English or French with her natural charm and compassion. She has incredibly beautiful skin. However like me, is allergic to most artificial fragrances and Petro chemicals used in making cosmetics. She has a very personal passion about healthy cosmetics. She loves people, creams, and travelling to Europe!!!

John Arpin

John (my son) has been using lavender since he was a toddler! He calls it a lifestyle. He is inspired and passionate about natural foods and products. He loves to read and keep learning about everything health. He’ll get all the research on raw materials and go through it in detail. He’ll read about the history of oils and plants and the people who used them for centuries! He’s committed to knowing everything there is to know about natural cosmetic ingredients and does not hold back on his opinions!


I must mention some other members of my family such as my brother Gary “keep it short” Arpin. He is always so positive and encouraging. He never has an “opinion” but always has lots to say!!! He is a PR executive. (No wonder)

My sister in law Veronique “je pense que…” (I think that…) Lussier-Arpin is the ultimate master manager. Soft spoken, very detailed and perceptive. She has personal reasons for being passionate about her cosmetics. In a French family nothing is left unsaid and no one is immune to a good laugh at their expense! No new product ever goes out without extensive discussions and trials by all.

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Thank you for your interest in our products.

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