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Immuni Mist 4oz


Body and Room Spray made with 10 powerful essential oils. These oils are known in folk medicine to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Clean the air naturally. Alcohol free. 100% natural.


With Seaweed collagen, Jojoba oil and antioxidant vitamins 8.5oz  


Available sizes:   1oz; 4oz


Ultra rich non greasy whipped body butter. With Peptides & intense antioxidants. 9 oz


Hydrate, Tone And Improve Complexion. With hyaluronic acid (moisture retainer) 4oz


Intense Seaweed Collagen and super antioxidant wildcrafted Rosehip seed oil.  1.7oz (Silicone & Paraben  free)  


Relax all day long ! 10ml alcohol & paraben free (100% natural)

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Citronne body cream made with Lavender, Lemon and bergamot oil.


One per order only.. This sample box is fun to help you discover new products. Great for travel too! Excellent for wholesalers to discover and experience our line!


Reminiscent of spring blossoms in Southern France. Alcohol free. Great for your skin and your senses.100% natural. The scent is inspiring, relaxing, uplifting and mood enhancing. Formulated in France.


Firming and toning face and body mist. 4oz Rose geranium is known as the very best natural toner. The scent is 100% natural and relaxing. Made with  Rose geranium oil from France.


Lavender Bud Sachets made in the Luberon region in Provence France. Amazing high floral fragrant scent.


Eucalyptus Mist 8oz


Pure Eucalyptus oil is decongesting and uplifting. Natural air freshener.


Experience the amazing scent and benefits of the best Vanilla and Lavender in the world! Non greasy absorbs deeply. 9oz

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