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Spray your artificial tree with the scent of a natural one! Refreshing Fir Needle oil, Spruce oil and Cedarwood oil.


Eucalyptus Mist 8oz


Pure Eucalyptus oil is decongesting and uplifting. Natural air freshener.


Experience the amazing scent and benefits of the best Vanilla and Lavender in the world! Non greasy absorbs deeply. 9oz


(Now available in 9 oz only.)

Soothing foot cream to help cool feet and increase circulation. Helps reduce foot odor too!

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Immuni Mist 4oz


Body and Room Spray made with 10 powerful essential oils. These oils are known in folk medicine to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Clean the air naturally. Alcohol free. 100% natural.

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Face & Neck



Great Night Cream. If you have dry skin or aging skin you can also use it as a day cream. Mega boost, Hydrate and correct with wildcrafted seed oils and seaweed collagen.  For all skin types. Silicone and paraben free.



Keep your skin hydrated, firm & blemish free. 1oz

Read about our powerful raw materials and the experienced people creating our products.


Used by many to decongest and breathe better. 100% pure highest grade. Can be used in a diffuser.

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